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The board of directors of the Bibevski foundation are driven by our mission to “invest in people and ideas that can change the world.” Every day, we apply a “Reach for the Stars”, “Don't Limit Your Ideas” and “Be Fearless” approach to catalyze movements that drive transformational change in our chosen city. By living the principles of big bets, risk taking, failing forward, unlikely partnerships, and urgency, we identify opportunities where innovation is needed to address urgent challenges.

Today we are driving three major movements:

1) Local Animals and Humans. Local animals in any city where humans live includes indigenous wildlife and domestic pets. Growth of any region without consideration of the indigenous wildlife is extremely short sighted. Advanced societies throughout the world who have achieved economic success, are now working hard to repair the damage done from years of environmental damage from industrial growth. Projects are being put in place worldwide to encourage the return of birdlife into cities, to restore local flora and bring green space back into the concrete jungle of our modern urban cities and have zero tolerance for stray dogs and cats. Domestic pets brought into regions can cause havoc with wildlife, present health and safety concerns from rapidly expanding feral and start populations of domestic pets. Our goal is to anticipate these changes in developing countries and implement programs to prevent these problems rather than try to repair them decades or centuries later.

2) Redefining the Urban Living Space by creating outdoor green areas that encourage living outside of the home in densely populated towns. These green spaces will encourage people to be outside, interacting with each other, walking their dogs and re-instituting the social lifestyle that is now showing to be so important for human health.

3) Entrepreneurship in an economically depressed region. Hopelessness is a major problem for youth and young adults in any region where there is economic hardship. We have seen this time and time again in regions with poverty, poor education and corruption. Although entrepreneurship lives within the human soul, it needs to be fostered and nurtured. Moreover, it needs to be taught that the end goal is not just to make money, its to stimulate economic growth while still respecting the environment and local animals. Why continue to make the mistakes of our past, when we can open young peoples eyes to the anticipated problems that will be created by making certain decisions. Leveraging our extensive network of highly successful entrepreneurs, we hope to create a faculty of visiting teachers in the “Free School of Entrepreneurship” where the local youth can be inspired, motivated and their ideas encouraged for respectful and sustainable growth.

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Our Work 3

Managing the animals that live around us respectfully and sustainably. Economically depressed regions usually have very little infrastructure to support the health and well being of animals in their community. Indeed, the Prespa-Pelagonia region has a massive problem with stray animals. There is no spay-neuter program to keep stray dog populations under control, dog pounds are barely existent and of very poor quality, and there is minimal healthcare available for domestic and wild animals.

The Prespa-Pelagonia region despite having a veterinary faculty at the university, does not have an animal emergency center, there are no resources for offering healthcare through the school and injured dogs and cats are left to die on the street. Our first and immediate project is to bring a spay-neuter program to the region and to build a veterinary clinic in at the University that will offer free care to all stray animals and to those that cannot afford to provide care for their domestic pet.

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