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Our Mantra

We believe the world needs a more fearless approach to social change and we need to aim for the “ideal dream”, so we take risks on new ideas and approaches, and partner across sectors with people and organizations that share our fervor to engage citizens and governments to change the world for the better. We don’t limit ourselves to any one sector or issue, but instead let a set of core values drive all of our ventures with the focus on creating a city, or a society that can interact with the environment and the local animals in a respectful and sustainable way.

We dream that one day, humans can work towards reaching our potential to live within our world rather than progress towards destroying it. We hope that our project will prove to be a model for many other cities in the world, leading to a change bigger than the sum of the individual projects.

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Our Mantra 3

Entrepreneurship lives in the human soul. Its everywhere humans live, from the poorest slums, to the worlds most advanced cities. We strive to nurture this human quality and focus it towards changing the way we live. We want take money out of the picture for creating ideas by funding ideas through our foundation to foster approaches and efforts.

Collaborating across all sectors of a community enhances expertise and promotes solutions which can be rapidly put into place. We explore a wide range of issues, industries and ideas to address chronic challenges like management of stray animals, garbage disposal, sustainable farming, pollution, traffic control and coordination with neighboring towns to avoid redundancy etc. We call upon our many colleagues and friends with a diverse background to lend their expertise and experience openly – successes and failures alike – to accelerate collective learning and progress.

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Our Mantra 5

Innovation requires taking risks to discover new ideas and approaches that keep up with a rapidly changing world. We believe that trying and testing assumptions about what works, sharing the results of those tests and building a culture of courage are key to problem solving.

Working smart means acting with urgency, being open to change and embracing failure as the greatest learning moment. We insist on having fun by bringing passion and joy to our work. We remain ever humble, knowing greatness comes from the combination of many people’s efforts.

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